It’s the 100th Episode! — Guest Highlights and Listener Comments. Plus, Expand Your Kingdom Footprint. (Pod #100)

It’s the 100th episode of Jesus Smart: The Podcast! We’re serving up some guest highlights — including Frank Viola, Ken Roberts, Dr. Charles Stone, Dr. Louis F. Kayatin, Dr. Juli Slattery, Attorney Travis S. Weber, and Mary DeMuth.

And we hear from listeners and friends of the show.

Plus, a pulse of motivation: Expand Your Kingdom Footprint.

See ‘Go Deeper’ below …

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Go Deeper — 100th Episode

In this episode, we feature highlights from these 7 guests:

Frank Viola

001: Are We Poised to Reclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom? With Frank Viola

Website: Beyond Evangelical

Ken Roberts

027: Discovering Your Kingdom North Star to Live Your Best Life with Ken Roberts

028: Jesus Wants to Develop Everything About Your Life with Ken Roberts

Website: Ken L. Roberts

Dr. Charles Stone

065: Holy Noticing – Blending an Ancient Spiritual Practice and Neuroscience to Live Our Best Lives – Dr. Charles Stone

Website: Charles Stone

Dr. Louis F. Kayatin

079: Level Up by Cultivating Kingdom Craftsmanship — Dr. Louis F. Kayatin

080: Quest for a 10,000% Kingdom Lifestyle! — Dr. Louis F. Kayatin

Website: Louis Kayatin Services

Dr. Juli Slattery

088: Designer Sex — Dr. Juli Slattery

Website: Authentic Intimacy

Attorney Travis S. Weber

037: Pastor Andrew Brunson Freed from Turkey! — Travis S. Weber, Family Research Council VP for Policy

Website: Family Research Council

Mary DeMuth

089: No One Elevates Women Like King Jesus — Mary DeMuth

Website: ReStory


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