Jesus Smart: The Podcast

The podcast that goes beyond waiting for heaven. Jesus is Savior. Lord. And he's brilliance for all of life now.

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Articulate. Resourced. Jesus Intelligence.

Love this show. Articulate. Resourced. And engaging! Jesus-centered all the way around. Jesus intelligence. Got me really thinking at a deeper level!

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Smart, Jesus-Centered Podcast

I am loving this podcast. The content and interviews are smart, intelligent, Informative and empowering in Kingdom strategy. It is Refreshing in a world swirling in useless and harmful talk these days.

Podcast Episodes

Repentance, Refreshing, Restoration: Wild Ox Prayer Feature Episode (Ep 273)
Men in Crisis: How Is the Church Failing Men with Bruce Colbert? (Eps 271, 272)
Kingdom Dynamic: Repentance, Refreshing, Restoration — Jesus Espresso (Ep 270)
Michael Hoff on What the Asbury Awakening Can Mean for Us (Eps 268, 269)
Asbury Awakening Update — Dr. Jim Garlow (Ep 267)
Dr. Juli Slattery on Holy Heat! Designer Sex (Ep 266)
Are You Facing an Intimidating Challenge? Behold! The Power of the Underdog (Ep 265)
Trendline from Above? Is the Micro-Ekklesia the New Mega? (Ep 264)
Charles Stone on If Jesus Gave a TED Talk — Persuasive Communication (Ep 263)
Over-the-Horizon Faith for Your Life Story (Ep 262)
Frank Viola on the 48 Laws of Spiritual Power (Ep 260)
What Identity Means to You — Jesus Espresso (Ep 259)