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Jesus Smart: The Podcast

The podcast that goes beyond waiting for heaven. Jesus is Savior. Lord. And he's brilliance for all of life now.

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Articulate. Resourced. Jesus Intelligence.

Love this show. Articulate. Resourced. And engaging! Jesus-centered all the way around. Jesus intelligence. Got me really thinking at a deeper level!

jesus smart: the podcast

Podcast Episodes

The Life and Power of Lamenting — Adam Carver (Eps 256-257)
Adam, Where Are You? Jesus Questing Via You — Jesus Espresso (Ep 255)
Exploiting Kairos Time — Jesus Espresso (Ep 254)
52 Days to Accelerate! Key #3 — Engage the Practical (Ep 253)
Emerging Voices: Here’s What They Are Saying (Ep 252)
52 Days to Accelerate! Key #2 — Pray It to Completion! (Ep 251)
52 Days to Accelerate! Key #1 — Feel God’s Heart (Ep 250)
Be Super Creative in Christ for a New Season (Ep 249)
Flushing the Wicked Out of Leadership — Wild Ox Prayer Episode (Ep 248)
The Person Who Gains Souls Is Wise — Jesus Espresso (Ep 247)
Why Not Quest for a 10,000% Kingdom Lifestyle? — Dr. Louis F. Kayatin (Ep 246)
Cultivating the Craft of the Kingdom — Dr. Louis F. Kayatin (Ep 245)