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We’re convinced that Jesus is the most brilliant person to walk the planet! He knows how life works best. And the future belongs to him. On Jesus Smart: The Podcast, you’ll experience stellar guests and we’ll be questing after Kingdom themes … what Jesus taught and modeled for our lives.

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225: No, It Does Not Take a Village

222: To Be Concluded: Find Hope for Your Future — Mike Ashcraft

221: What to Do When You Don’t Know How to Pray About That Thing

220: Seeing Things in a New Light (a Supernatural Light) = New Seasons

219: Keep on Steppin’ … He Will Direct You — Jesus Dynamics

217-218: The Promised Head-Crusher Vs. the Nephilim | What Are the Nephilim? — Mark Russak

215-216: Flaming Hot Takes Roundtable with Jason Howard & Bruce Colbert

214: Here’s Why Christians Should Live a Wartime Lifestyle

213: Full Faith and Credit of King Jesus: Ultimate Underwriter

212: The Outlaw Christ-Child Undermining the World

211: Have Yourself a Very Chaordic Christmas! — Terry Hoggard

210: Kingdom Crossover with Despite Popular Belief, The Writer’s Lens, and The Narrative Wars

209: The Power of Women to Create Intimacy in Marriage — Dr. Juli Slattery

208: The Powerful Value of a Deep, Clear Repentance — Jesus Dynamics

207: Family Discipleship Is the Secret Sauce for Your Kids, Part 2 — Stephanie Rothman

206: The World Wants Our Children, Part 1 — Stephanie Rothman

205: What’s Your Peanut? A Life Lesson from George Washington Carver

204: Live Podcast: What to Do with the Devil — Fast Primer

203: Your Life as a Preview of Coming Attractions, Part 2 — Steve Witt

202: Your Life as a Preview of Coming Attractions, Part 1 — Steve Witt

201: An Invitation to Prosecute the Devil

200: Why Most People Will Never Be Successful: Viktor Frankl and Jesus

199: Your Quality Faith Is the Landing Strip for Heaven’s Best

198: Get Out of That Boat! Water-Walking Faith

197: Accelerate Your Commitment to Your Future Self (Godspeed episode!)

196: Do You Want a Miracle? Stretch for It

195: Leverage Your Trials to Advance — Frank Viola

194: Good Things Come to Those Who Groan

193: Developing Over-the-Horizon Faith

192: God & Hamilton, Part 2 — Kevin Cloud

191: God & Hamilton — Kevin Cloud

190: Is Progressivism a Hellish Counterfeit for the Real Future?

189: Ready for Something New? Consecrate Your Frontiers

188: Find Your Place in the Kingdom Story — Matt Raines

187: Royal Presence in You, Voice of a King, Mind of Christ, Future Is Now — Godspeed Series

186: Wild Ox Podcast Feature: The Potential of a Deep and Clear Repentance

185: Earth Governs Heaven?– Page One Series, Part 3

184: Be Uber Creative in Christ!

183: Holy Noticing: Blending an Ancient Spiritual Practice and Neuroscience to Live Our Best Lives — Dr. Charles Stone

182: Reframing Your Life with Powerful Horizons

180, 181: Jesus Is Good News for Women — Mary DeMuth and Frank Viola

179: Be Fierce to Have Dominion — Page One Series, Part 2

178: Ruling With Christ — Page One Series, Part 1

177: No One Elevates Women Like King Jesus (encore) — Mary DeMuth

176: Keep Out the Devil! (encore live podcast, listen on Podbean)

175: Build 3-D Immunity and Thrive in Crazy Times (encore) — Frank Viola

174: Wild Ox Podcast Feature: How the God Ethic Potentializes Prayer (listen on Podbean)

173: Your Mountain Move — Godspeed Series

172: Strong Talk: Why Your Prayer and Fasting May Be Fruitless (listen on Podbean)

171: Stand Before Kings — Stephen Lauterbach

170: Holy Heat! Designer Sex — Dr. Juli Slattery (encore)

169: Freedom: Illusions Busted By the Truth — Godspeed Series

168: The Warp & Woof of Your Wild, Wonderful Life (listen on Podbean)

167: Is Progressivism a Hellish Counterfeit to the Real Future?

166: Our Best Horizons: Chosen, Blessed, Broken, and Given — Matt Raines (listen on Podbean)

165: Anno Domini 2020: 4 Vital Steps to Take When Your Vision Is Challenged (encore)

164, 163, 161: “Hey, Dragon! Yule Be Sorry! — 2020 Christmas Series

162: Bonus Episode: It’s the Manifold Ministries Christmas Crossover Episode! (listen on Podbean)

158, 160: Heaven’s Secret Sauce: The Image of God in the Earth — Bruce Colbert

159: Chaos Theory, God, and You — Insert These 5 Dynamic Variables — Godspeed Series

157: It’s Time to Talk About Your Secret Advantage in Christ: Supernatural Sound — Godspeed Series

156: Grow Up! You’re Not Voting for Prom King — J.C.L. Faltot

155: America, Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid — Do You Hear the Sound of an Awakening?

153 and 154: Yes, You’re Designed for Super-Creativity — Adam Carver

152: We Live by Perfect Pitch (Sound) and Not by Sight — Godspeed Series

151: Vice-Regents, Occupy the Empty Seat in the Supreme Court! — Pray with Me Series

150: Hey, Overcomer! Consecrate Your New Frontiers

149: Is the Micro Ekklesia the Real Mega?

148: The Single Best Way to Win: Stay Above the Line

147: Praying the Plumbline of the Ascended Christ — Pray with Me Series

146: 4 Vital Steps to Take When Your Vision Is Challenged

145: Praying for the American Election — Pray with Me Series page

143 and 144: Your Life as a Preview of Coming Attractions, Part 1 — Steve Witt

142: Your Future Self to You: “Make Strong Decisions and Go Bold!”

141: Praying for the Exposure of Evil — Pray with Me Series page

139 and 140: God and Hamilton — Kevin Cloud

138: What the Snake Doesn’t Want You to Know: You Have Authority to Name Things

137: Free Thinking About Racism, the Protests, and Rioting (Part 2) — Willie & Rachel Scott, J.C.L. Faltot

136: Heaven’s Dream for America

135: Invoke the Leadership and Lordship of King Jesus Into Everything — Pray with Me Series page

134: Free Thinking About Racism, the Protests, and Rioting (Part 1) — Willie & Rachel Scott, J.C.L. Faltot

133: Run, Devil, Run! Live Podcast

132: Effective, Powerful Prayer Is Your Top Life Skill

131: Our Christian Family in North Korea: Here’s What We Can Do — Arielle Del Turco

130: The Prayer You Wish You Knew Earlier

129: Gleanings … 4 Kingdom Concepts for a New Era

128: Just for You … Build 3-D Immunity to Face Any Threat – Frank Viola

126 and 127: Before You Quit: Your Story of Blood, Sweat, and Coffee Stains — Doug Gehman

125: The Voice of the Lord Is a Force on the Planet! Prayer Focus: The Fire of Pentecost (Beta Prayer Episode)

124: Godly Grit: Those Who Are in Christ Are Built for Crisis — Michael Hoff

123: He Experienced a Prophetic Dream: Could May 1, 2020, Be a Pivotal Moment for the Coronavirus (And the American Economy)? — Matt Peterson

122: All Killer, No Filler … Saints in “Beast Mode” — Psalm 149

121: Tap the Kingdom Dynamic of a “Solemn Assembly” (Beta Prayer Episode)

120: When a Crisis Shows Up, How Should God’s People Live? — Michael Hoff

119: Great Joy Necessary for Strong Prayer for the Nations (Beta Prayer Episode)

118: Pray Against the Coronavirus. Plus, Add Rocket Fuel to Your Prayers. (Beta Prayer Episode)

117: Coronavirus Prophecies — Could They Be True? Plus, Spirit Is Greater Than Matter

116: Your Best Life = Living on Point, on Time, and on Assignment

115: Be Absolutely Fearless About the Coronavirus Like Jesus

114: Was Jesus a Socialist? What Everybody Ought to Know — Dustin Johnson

112: Bernie Vs. Christ, the Capitalist — Dustin Johnson

111: “Please Don’t Speak About the Holy Spirit”: American Churches to Iranian Christ Followers

110: Who Else Wants the Devil Impeached and Convicted?

107: Downloading Scripts: What I Shared With a Kingdom ‘Mind Meld’ — Godspeed Series page

106: Downloading Scripts to Your New Nature Operating System — Godspeed Series page

105: Subscribe to the Kingdom RSS Feed! Cutting-Edge Christ-Following

101: “Hey, Herod! Unwrap This!” — Christmas Special 2019

100: It’s the 100th Episode! Guest Highlights and Listener Comments. Plus, Expand Your Kingdom Footprint.

99.9: You Can Be Super Creative in Christ!

099.7: People of the Future Live With Gratitude

099.5: Don’t Be a Sheep. Be a Killer Sheep!

099: Bonus Thoughts (Pt 2): A Gospel That Captures the Imagination of Young Adults — Trinity Harrison-Clark

098: Shut the Door, Keep Out the Devil! Live Podcast

097: Should Beth Moore Go Home?

095: A Gospel that Captures the Imagination of Young Adults—Trinity Harrison-Clark

094: Experience Your Potential with Kingdom Kinetics

093: Jesus Is the Ultimate Educator: Keep Graduating — Denver Daniel

092: Develop Into a High-Functioning Apprentice of Jesus — Godspeed Series page

091: Live It Well! — Susan Jordan

089: No One Elevates Women Like King Jesus — Mary DeMuth

088: Designer Sex — Dr. Juli Slattery

087: Look for These Signs Pointing to Your Best Possible Future

086: Gotta Be Cool If You Want to Rule

085: Advance with Shocking, Monstrous Faith Initiatives! — Godspeed Series page

084: Like Abraham, Believe for the Higher Reality in Your Life

083: You’re More than a Wretch Saved by Grace to Go to Heaven Someday — Brian Sooy

082: The Devil Is Not at Your Level — Godspeed Series page

081: Godspeed! — You Can Optimize Your Legal Standing Before the Ultimate Judge Go to Godspeed episodes page

080: Quest for a 10,000% Kingdom Lifestyle! — Dr. Louis F. Kayatin

079: Level Up by Cultivating Kingdom Craftsmanship — Dr. Louis F. Kayatin

077: Forgiving Others Unleashes Massive Prayer Power! — Deborah Porter

075: Godspeed! — Pure Genius for Your Life … the Breakthrough Jericho Strategy

074: Godspeed! // How to Align Your Life with the Real Future (Tinysode)

073: Smart Discipleship That Advances Your “Kingdom Career” — Isaac & Silvia Rowe

072: Full-Spectrum Christ-Following … Ready? — Isaac & Silvia Rowe

071: Prayer Is Limitless Potential!

070: Why Is the Church So Shattered with Fiefdoms? – Craig Greatmam

069: Godspeed! — Overcome via the Power of Reckoning. Period. Go to Godspeed episodes page

068: Ohio Heartbeat Bill … Jesus-Followers Carry Resurrection Life – Janet Porter

067: You Can Experience Resurrection Life Now!

066: Godspeed! — Winning Thoughts Go to Godspeed episodes page

065: Holy Noticing – Blending an Ancient Spiritual Practice and Neuroscience to Live Our Best Lives – Dr. Charles Stone

064: Godspeed! — Understanding How Pneumagraphics, Psychographics, and Demographics Can Transform Towns and Cities Go to Godspeed episodes page

063: Only the Best! Benefit from the Power of Faith (Questing Series #3)

062: Godspeed! // Creating God Spots 2 – “Two or Three Gathered in My Name” (Tinysode – 5:02)

061: Move! Improvisation in the Holy Spirit with Matt Raines and Jason Howard

060: Godspeed! // Creating God Spots (Tinysode – 5:32)

059: Be a World-Changer by Faith (Questing with God series #2)

058: It’s Way Beyond “The Secret” — How to Have “Magnetic Faith” with David Ramos

057: Pursue Adventure — Be Like Abraham (Questing with God series #1)

056: Healthy Soul Care — To Receive God’s Best for Your Life – Bill and Harriet Mouer

055: Healthy Soul Care — A Refreshing New Normal – Bill and Harriet Mouer

054: There’s a Lid Over Your Life Without the Right Kingdom Relationships – Jason Howard

053: Locate Your North Star for Your Next Season — Ken Roberts // Achieve Series #4 of 4

052: Smart People Know This: Your Tongue Steers Your Life // Achieve Series #3 of 4

051: Gratitude Powers Achievement — Tom Schwab // Achieve Series #2 of 4

050: High-Def Living for a New Season — Joshua Faltot // Achieve Series #1 of 4

049: We’re Raised Now as Vice-Regents in Christ’s Kingdom — Matt Raines

048: Christ Is an Indestructible King! Ask Herod // Christmas Series #6

047: Advent Is Advancing and the Dragon’s Doom // Christmas Series #5

046: Alert: What You Say Shapes Your Future // Christmas Series #4

045: Discovering the True You at Christmastime // Christmas Series #3

044: Is That Your Heart Talking at Christmastime? // Christmas Series #2

043: The Birth of Jesus — Ultimate Disruptive Innovation // Christmas Series #1

042: Encore Episode — Enjoy the Benefits of a Beginner’s Mind (Minisode)

041: Understanding the Kingdom Story in 5 Acts (N.T. Wright) — Matt Raines

040: Elevating My Internal State to Live My Best Life (Minisode)

039: War of the Worldviews — Joshua C. Faltot

038: Apostolic DNA: Engage Spiritual Warfare — Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 9 (Minisode)

037: Pastor Andrew Brunson Freed from Turkey! — Travis S. Weber, Family Research Council VP for Policy

036: Pray, Vote, Stand — Brent Keilen, Director of FRC Action

035: Shut the Door, Keep Out the Devil! — Jesus Tactic

034: Take the Red Pill — Wake Up to the Narrative Wars — Joshua C. Faltot!

033: Brushstrokes of Heaven — Tammy Heidenreich

032: Apostolic DNA: The Word — Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 8 (Minisode)

031: Homelessness. Trafficked. Abused. Jesus Offers a New Name with Dr. Gary Brewster

030: Jesus Offers You a New Name — An Unlimited Destiny with Dr. Gary Brewster

029: Apostolic DNA — Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 7 (Minisode)

028: Jesus Wants to Develop Everything About Your Life with Ken Roberts

027: Discovering Your Kingdom North Star to Live Your Best Life with Ken Roberts

026: The Antioch Dynamic — Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 6 (Minisode)

025: Encore Episode — Frank Viola, Author of Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom

024: Stop Cheating — How Not to Have an Affair with Ivan & Desaray Shores

023: Why You Should Use Kingdom Force Multipliers — Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 5 (Minisode)

022: It’s Way Beyond Attending Church — It’s About Your Kingdom Contribution with Troy Thompson

021: Good-Bye Linear … Hello, Exponential — Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 4 (Minisode)

020: Optimize Kingdom Dynamics — Better Than Blended with Willie and Rachel Scott

019: Love Powers Kingdom Living — Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 3 (Minisode)

018: Marriage and Family By Design — Better Than Blended with Willie and Rachel Scott

017: Pushing the Mission of God Forward — Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 2 (Minisode)

016: Jesus Is Our Model of the Normal Christian Life with Jake Veach

015: Take Up Your Cross — Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 1 (Minisode)

014: What’s All the Ballyhoo About? Jesus Is Perfect Theology with Jake Veach

013: Benefit in Life with a “Beginner’s Mind” (Minisode)

012: Kingdom Currency Flows on Kingdom Connections with Ronald Smith

011: The Surprising Power of the Underdog (Minisode)

010: Kingdom Childhood: Lectio Divina for Kids! Part 2 with Harriet Mouer and Rebecca Tobar

009: Ancient-Futurists: Lectio Divina for Kids! Part 1 with Harriet Mouer and Rebecca Tobar

008: The Master of Molecules Has the Best Information for Your Life (Minisode)

007: Ekklesia — Jesus Said He Would Build What? Part 2 with Hope Taylor

006: All Things Belong to You — As You Belong to Christ (Minisode)

005: Ekklesia — Jesus Said He Would Build What? Part 1 with Hope Taylor

004: Taking Radical, Overcoming Peace to the Streets with Kim Snyder

003: Jesus Is a Chain Breaker! Get a New Lease on Freedom with Kim Snyder

002: A Power Protocol — Shift the Environment. Pray Through. Then Speak! (Minisode)

001: Are We Poised to Reclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom? With Frank Viola

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