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I believe Jesus of Nazareth offers a life that is reimagined—empowering you and me to experience our greatest life journeys.

Even more, our highest “self-actualization” is when our Life Story beautifully contributes to the Grand Story of Jesus Christ. 

Dallas Willard wrote, “Jesus’ enduring relevance is based on his historically proven ability to speak to, to heal and empower the individual human condition.”*

Beyond Brilliant

Jesus is beyond brilliant. Super smart. Even shrewd (in the best possible way!)

Justice. Community. Society. Relationships. Money. Well-being. Meaning. It’s my outlook that Jesus offers His quality of life starting now.

And the horizon — the new heavens and earth — is beyond our highest thinking and imagination.


I’m happily married to Penelope. There’s a copious amount of estrogen around here! We’re blessed with four daughters.

I have a degree in Theological and Historical Studies and have also studied at the graduate level in Adult Education/Interdisciplinary Studies. Lifelong learning is a big value for me.

I’m constantly questing. Interests include well-being, writing, teaching, copywriting, working with authors, podcasting, new media, and quality coffee and conversation.

Worth the Seeking

I’m convinced the quest for God is the main attraction in life, and the Kingdom reality that Jesus offers is worth the seeking.

If you have a different point of view, know that skeptics, seekers, and believers are all welcome. I’m always open to dialogue via comments or by reaching out here.

What do I believe? Fair question. Read the Lausanne Covenant, a widely accepted statement of Christian belief and practice. To go further, see the statement with commentary by John Stott.

The Brew Is On

Content is always brewing. For now, you can explore posts on the Archive page. There’s a search field there, too.

A new podcast has taken flight! Explore Jesus Smart: The Podcast episodes.

Apple Podcasts review: “Love this show. Articulate. Resourced. And engaging! Jesus-centered all the way around. Jesus intelligence. Got me really thinking at a deeper level!”

And online learning opportunities are on the horizon too.

Reach out at any time via the ‘Contact Us’ tab. I’ll enjoy hearing from you.

Brian Del Turco

* The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God

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