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The ultimate reunion of heaven and earth can only mean big things for us. Now. Unimaginable things. Why? Because we can live in the light and power of that time in the present! The is what the scriptures say to us: “Those who have once been enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the

Listen to this article. Prayer at the end. Click the 3 dots to adjust speed and download. One of the leading things Jesus works on in our lives is transforming our minds, our inner beings. Everything flows from this well into our personal world, and further into the world around us. Jesus will mentor you

Jesus not only died ‘for’ us; He died ‘as’ us. It is through the deep working of the cross in our lives, that we really discover who we are, who we’re meant to be … “Life is wasted if we do not grasp the glory of the cross, cherish it for the treasure that it

Some will say that real success in life is more money, many things, adventure, fun, much amusement, travel, sex, maybe fame. But it does not take much life experience to discover that this approach to life does not fulfill us over time. Others will say that achieving the goals that matter to you the most

There is such potential in making a strong, quality decision. Is life asking you to make a decision about something? What do you need to commit to? Imagine what could be on the other side of your move.

Prayer is the medium through which we receive supernatural help from above — God has established this. As image-bearers of God, we are partners. We are Vice-Regents under God in Christ. A Vice-Regent is a person who takes action in the name of a ruler or sovereign. A related term is ViceRoyalty. It’s always been

I think this can really move the needle in earth-born situations — I’m beginning to realize there is an aspect of prayer which is legal in nature. We can come before the Throne Over All with bold prayer claims, asserting our standing in Christ. Jesus used a teaching-narrative (a parable) to show there is a

If Albert Einstein cannot be considered a genius, who can? Yet he said this: “I have no special gift. I am only passionately curious.” I believe the growing Christ-Follower should excel at being curious, imaginative, and creative. After all, the Spirit of the Creator (Ultimate Creative) lives in the Christ-Follower. And the Authentic Church should

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