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Eternal Life Now!

Eternal life is a supreme quality of life that begins now when we are regenerated in Christ and flows into the New Heavens and New Earth.

We’re Born Again for Something Now — Not Just to Go to Heaven Someday
Can You Believe That All Things Are Yours in Christ?

Increasing Faith

Faith comes and increases by hearing the Living Voice of the Lord via the Word of God. Faith is perfected through obedience to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Can We Express Water-Walking Faith Today? (Express Initiative)
Stretch for Your Miracle if you Truly Want the Extraordinary

Kingdom Character

We are called to walk worthy of the Kingdom. The competencies of Christ ("greater works than these you will do") flow from the character of Christ within.

Why Most People Will Never Be Successful (Viktor Frankl and Jesus)
Jesus Way Servant Leadership = True Greatness

Kingdom Dynamics

There are dynamics in the Kingdom of God which excite growth and development. These dynamics are sourced in a vital connection to Christ as Head over all and to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Is Questing for the Reunion of Heaven and Earth
New Kingdom Ways of Seeing, Understanding, and Speaking

Prayer That Works

Prayer is partnership with the Creator. We come before God willing to be transformed. We receive his heart and intention, praying that his will will be realized on earth as it is in heaven.

40 Extraordinary Quotes on Prayer
Know Your Rights — Present Your Prayer Claims Before the Ultimate Judge

Christ's Worldview

Worldview is our perception, interpretation, and understanding of reality. The worldview of Christ is ultimate creativity, supreme wisdom, and restorative in nature.

Jesus Is Questing for the Reunion of Heaven and Earth
The Secret of Real Success In Life: Higher Mission



Heaven and Earth Merging in You Transforms Everything!
Advent Advancing Is Devastating News for the Dragon


Christmas is the reign of God invading the earth.

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