Great Joy Necessary for Strong Prayer for the Nations (2nd Beta Prayer Episode #119)

This is a 2nd beta episode of something new we may be doing — we want to hear from you about it. In this episode, discover the Prayer Dynamic of how joy strengthens our prayers to get strong results. And then we pray for the nations about the Coronavirus. Let’s agree together!

Listen to episode #118: Beta Prayer Episode — Prayer Against the Corona Virus. Plus, Add Rocket Fuel to Your Prayers.


Pray Against the Coronavirus. Plus, Add Rocket Fuel to Your Prayers. (Beta Prayer Episode #118)

Coronavirus Prophecies — Could They Be True? Plus, Spirit Is Greater Than Matter (Pod #117)

Be Absolutely Fearless About the Coronavirus Like Jesus (Jesus Smart Pod #115)

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  1. Great episode Brian. Really inspiring and so true that joy and gratitude are keys to unlock many things. Bless you Xx ?

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