Godspeed! // Pure Genius for Your Life … the Breakthrough Jericho Strategy (Pod #75)

(9 mins — stream here and links to other listening options.)

Are you ready to transition into new “land” — your Personal Promised Land? It’s important for each of us to enter new spaces in life so that our Life Story fits into the big Jesus Story in a more fruitful way!

Your “shout of faith” is key … the silencing of negativity and uncertainty, your strong voice of praise, and even your Life Voice (the unique life message your offer). Get beyond your Jericho!

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Jesus Smart: The Podcast

We’re resolved that Jesus Christ is the most brilliant person to walk the planet — He knows how life works best. The future not only belongs to him, it’s showing up in the present. We’re questing after Kingdom themes … what Jesus taught and modeled.


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