Keep “Graduating”—Never Stop Learning and Growing

I enjoy a good commencement. Doesn’t everyone? These are magical, inspirational times of celebration. New seasons are opening to those graduating. It’s promising and powerful.

The word commencement means beginning or start. It’s a coming out — one’s debut.

Do commencements ever really cease?

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Go Further — Keep on “Graduating

Lifetime learners experience ceaseless commencements (Leonard Sweet in Aqua Church) — unending graduations and fresh beginnings.

If not, we go the way of the eight-track! Deep down, we know we’re not current. We’re failing to experience the full potential of our life’s design.

But this doesn’t have to be our experience.

There’s no mass of matter in the known universe as complex as the human brain. Scientists believe that the average human only uses perhaps 10%-15% of their brain’s potential over the course of a lifetime.

It’s not just intellectual development though. There is also the important area of emotional development (EQ): character, empathy, listening and communication, navigating social complexities, perceiving emotions in others, managing personal emotions, and more. It’s been said that 90% of top performers have a high Emotional Quotient.

We have every opportunity to continue graduating thru degrees of development and expansion.

See Your Life as a Never-Ending Premiere

There can be many dawns in your life. Think of your journey as a never-ending premiere.

Think of your journey as a never-ending premiere.

Glance around. The world wants surefire winners who make their mark. There’s nothing wrong with being an achiever who runs their race to win! Perhaps especially at this time in history.

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Living a Full-Spectrum Lifestyle

And what about intuition, imagination, wisdom, and spiritual insight? Are we pursuing increase in these areas? Along with intellectual and emotional development, this is another sphere in which we can progress by degrees.

It’s the most directional aspect of our lives …

“The Spirit will guide you into all the truth … he will take from what is mine and will reveal it to you” (John 16.13-14).

We’re all leaders in some fashion: called to provide a much-needed lead in some area or sphere of influence. Grow. Read. Lead. Converse and confer. Contemplate and meditate. Journal. Imagine. We need originality.

To continued learning and graduation!

Beware of the Power of Ideas Over Your Life

photo credit: SLU Madrid Campus, mudeth (Creative Commons)


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