Actually, It Doesn’t Take a Village with Jesus

It doesn’t take a village … not if you want to see heaven’s best on earth.

I recently read in the Gospel of Mark about what Jesus did when he healed a blind man. What impacted me was that Jesus took him out of his village … and then restored his sight. Even more, he told the man to go to his home and not return to the village! Why?

“And they came to Bethsaida. And they brought a blind man to Jesus and implored Him to touch him. Taking the blind man by the hand, He brought him out of the village ….” (see the complete record of this miracle in Mark 8:22-26).

Jesus ministered healing. The man said, “I see men, for I see them like trees, walking around.” Then Jesus touched him a second time and his vision was fully restored.

“And He sent him to his home, saying, ‘Do not even enter the village'” (Mark 8:26).

What is it about this village?

Village Life

I can’t help but think there was something about this man’s village (the context of his normal life) which was a hindrance to him. His life-atmosphere was not conducive to him receiving a breakthrough.

  • Maybe the village atmosphere was filled with doubt and unbelief. Jesus could not do many miracles in his hometown of Nazareth because of this.
  • Were there people who thought this man was cursed because he was blind? It was not an uncommon belief. Stigmatization.
  • Was it an issue of familiarity … or family issues which were hindering him in some way? Familiar spirits at play?

What seems to be clear is that Jesus had insight and felt it was necessary to transition the man away from the village to restore his sight. And then he told him not to return to the village after the healing.

it doesn't take a village
It’s important who you run with. It doesn’t take a village. Run with a tight band of believers in strong relationship, high consecration, and clear focus on the highest and best.

Put the Crowd Out! It Doesn’t Take a Village

Notice how Jesus operated when faced with the death of a girl …

  • He conditioned the environment.
  • Then he released the supernatural.

A synagogue official’s little girl just died. When Jesus showed up, he told the noisy, chaotic crowd to leave. They laughed. But he raised her from the dead. See Matthew 9:18-19, 23-26.

With Jesus, it doesn’t take a village. The village can actually be in his way.

See Shift the Environment. Pray. Then Proclaim!

Peter was in the small group with Jesus who witnessed this miracle. Later, he followed the same approach with Tabitha, a woman who had died prematurely. See Acts 9:36-42.

  • When Peter arrived, he dismissed the crowd, conditioning the environment for the extraordinary.
  • He knelt down and attained the victory in prayer.
  • Peter then stood up and decreed life over the woman and raised her from the dead.

It doesn’t take a village. In truth, the village is usually blocking the extraordinary in some way.

When you really have to move the needle on something, extraordinary things often happen through small bands of committed believers.

Run with Tight Bands of Quality Believers

If we want to see Christ’s capacities flow into our personal world, something may need to change. And beyond our personal world, what about the world-at-large around us?

If we want to move to new levels in wellness, family life, business, a project, a new venture … don’t count on the village to believe with you. Familiarity may stifle you. You will need to put negative forces in your rear view mirror to move into what’s best for you and for those close to you. Even more, your life-influence can be either tied up or released depending on how you respond to this issue.

See You Can Access Power to Move Mountains!

Love the people in the village. But you may have to leave the village mentality behind to experience the highest and best in your life and calling.

Each of us have different situations. Different scenarios. But we can uniquely apply this Kingdom principle and experience the best.

Ask the Holy Spirit to weave you into tight bands of believers who have strong relationship, high consecration, and are focused on the extraordinary. These small clusters want you to win! And you want them to win. Together, you’re invested in Christ’s dreams.


faith, it doesn't take a village, on earth as in heaven

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