Pure Genius … the Explosive Jericho Strategy

This Explosive Jericho Strategy Opens the Way to More!

The people of God were finally ready to transition from the wilderness to a land flowing with milk and honey—a territory of fertility and abundance.

Jericho was the first major city to fall in the campaign to possess the Promised Land. The city was built on a hill, so it was difficult to attack.

Even more, it was surrounded by 2 walls. The outer wall was 6 feet thick, the inner wall 12 feet. Houses were built on timbers laid across the outer and inner walls.

It was an intimidating barrier! Normally an army would siege a city like this for several months, blockading it and starving the people.

But pure genius came to Joshua and the Israelites!

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The Commander Will Rise Over Your Challenge

Just before the conquest of Jericho, Joshua encountered a Man with a drawn sword (Joshua chapter 5). This was a pre-incarnate visitation of Jesus Christ.

Joshua fell on his face and worshiped the captain of the Lord’s angel armies. Just as Moses took off his shoes before the burning bush, Joshua was told to take off his shoes … for he was on holy ground.

Joshua positioned himself to receive special directives.

The explosive Jericho strategy is to position ourselves before The Commander. Receive specific directives. Then, don’t say what most are saying. Lift up your shout (high praise and your life message) to the King and watch barriers fall!

What happened? The Israelites marched around the city once per day for 6 days. In complete silence.

Then on the 7th day, they raised a great shout. As they shouted to the Lord, it was the Commander of the Lord’s army who ascended in their shout!

Can we imagine the angelic activity which was released when the walls of Jericho were flattened?

The sound of joyful shouting and salvation is in the tents of the righteous; the right hand of the Lord does valiantly (Psalm 118:15 NAS).

Can you see the correlation between the “sound of joyful shouting and salvation” and the activity of the “right hand of the Lord?”

explosive Jericho strategy
You’ll need to pass the “Jericho test” to transition into new territory.

Winning Takeaways …

  • Discover precedent from the epic Jericho event. Seek fresh encounters with The Commander. Don’t declare what the world is saying. Be silent. Then shout with heaven’s sound!
  • Take some time to think about the signal-to-noise ratio in your life. How can you filter the noise around you? And what about the noise on the inside? Resolve to discover and amplify the true signal of your life.
  • Release your shout with high praise—make a joyful noise! Declare God’s promises with firm faith. Speak! Remember, your shout is an authentic internal voice, a life-voice which guides and overcomes. Your shout is greater than all other noise.
  • As the sound of your life-shout increases, expect God to ascend over the affairs of your life. “Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered” (Psalm 68:1 NKJ).

Thought? Comments? Drop them below in the comment section. Every blessing (Eph. 1:3) as you release a Higher Sound!

image: public domain, Wikimedia Commons, source: Doré’s English Bible

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