4 Vital Steps to Take When Your Vision Is Challenged (Eps 146 and 165)

Let’s be real — every vision is challenged. In those times, we have to be proactive with our vision.

Here are 4 vital steps to optimize the challenge to your vision: 1) Recommit to achieving your vision 2) Innovate new powerful strategies 3) Key – Give thanks to the Creator 4) Now accelerate success. Challenges are a gift … they are an invitation to step up. To be more. And to do more. (These powerful ideas are traced back to Dr. Bruce Wilkinson.)

Listen to episode #165: Anno Domini 2020 Encore: 4 Vital Steps to Take When Your Visions Is Challenged (Ep 165) (This is a special 2020 Encore Episode. Agree with me at the end in a prayer of Providence and Design over your life.)

Listen to episode #146: 4 Vital Steps to Take When Your Vision Is Challenged

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Go Deeper — 4 Vital Steps to Take When Your Vision Is Challenged


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