Jesus Is a Chain Breaker! Get a New Lease on Freedom with Kim Snyder (Podcast #3)

Dallas Willard said that God is the only perfectly free being in all of reality. Here’s what’s amazing: The Godhead invites us into Ultimate Freedom.

In this episode you’ll hear from Kim Snyder. She comes from a background of bondage to worldliness.

That is, until she was born anew—born from above—and radically converted to Jesus Christ and his world, his Kingdom.

Kim now says that Jesus is a chain breaker!

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Chain breaker: Kim’s life is now about freedom

She leads an initiative that brings hundreds and thousands into more of the freedom that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit enjoy.

True freedom is jump-started by what the New Testament calls regeneration—a re-gening which happens when we’re born again as Jesus discussed with Nicodemus in John 3. Our freedom continues as a progressive process … as we know Jesus Christ more deeply and aggressively press into his Kingdom.

Stay connected with Kim at Freedom Center Network.

Chain Breaker (Official Lyric Video) by Zach Williams:

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We’re resolved that Jesus Christ is the most brilliant person to walk the planet! He knows how life works best. And the future belongs to him.

Stellar guests are on the docket. And we’ll be questing after Kingdom themes … what Jesus taught and modeled.

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