Holy Noticing – Blending an Ancient Spiritual Practice and Neuroscience to Live Our Best Lives – Dr. Charles Stone (Eps 65, 183)

With our fast-paced lifestyles and hyper-connectivity to our smartphones in the Digital Age, are we missing out on real life? We’re pushing, pushing, pushing to get to a next better moment and fail to notice and appreciate the present one. Can holy noticing transform our lives?

The abundant life that Jesus offers is experienced in the present moments. Dr. Charles Stone is an experienced pastor who has advanced degrees in ministry and neuroscience and leadership. Discover what the Bible, church history, and neuroscience say about a Christian mindful lifestyle … all to live our best lives for the Grand Story.

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Resources to Go Deeper — Holy Noticing

Holy Noticing: The Bible, Your Brain, and the Mindful Space Between Moments by Dr. Charles Stone explore the companion book site and get your copy: HolyNoticingBook.com

Dr. Charles Stone website: Charles Stone: NeuroMinistry … Leveraging Brain-Based Insight for Kingdom Impact

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