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Friday, September 22, 2023

Hello, Friend

Welcome to the Royal Brew Letter ... the newsletter that's so controversial, even the horses are neigh-sayers!

We will make a return to our series on Apostolic Christ-followers!

Scenius > Genius

Brian Eno, a British artist coined the word "scenius."

He says, "Scenius is like genius, only embedded in a scene rather than in a gene."

Scenius describes the phenomenon of collective creativity and not just individual genius.

Why the word scenius? Because we thrive in some sort of scene to tap collective genius.

It could be a collective, a small group, a team, a cohort, a company, an authentic community of like-minded Christ-followers.

Together, we have more of the mind of Christ.

What's at stake?

Exact direction. Solutions. Answers that meet the hour we're in. Disruptive innovation. A positive disequilibrium that takes things to an unexplored level.

Ask the Holy Spirit about it. Ask for his lead to elevate you to scenius.

Tip: It's being with the right people at the right time.

Progressivism: demonic counterfeit to the real future

What starts gradually as soft totalitarianism can evolve into terrifying tyranny ...

Is progressivism a demonic counterfeit of the real future that Jesus will bring?

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Brian Del Turco



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