Flushing the Wicked Out of Leadership: Wild Ox Prayer Episode (Ep 248)

Pray with me. We highlight the dynamic of being a Kingdom Emissary on assignment. Then we use "prayer architecture" in Job 34 to ask that God would flush the wicked out of leadership and influence.

Episode 248 is a special feature episode from another podcast I host -- the Wild Ox Prayer Podcast. You'll have to listen to appreciate the name!

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Go Further -- Flushing the Wicked Out of Leadership



Flushing the Wicked Out of Leadership -- scripture for meditation, prayer, and proclamation

flushing the wicked out of leadership

“For His eyes are on the ways of man,
And He sees all his steps.
There is no darkness nor shadow of death
Where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves.
For He need not further consider a man,
That he should go before God in judgment.
He breaks in pieces mighty men without inquiry,
And sets others in their place.
Therefore He knows their works;
He overthrows them in the night,
And they are crushed.
He strikes them as wicked men
In the open sight of others,
Because they turned back from Him,
And would not consider any of His ways,
So that they caused the cry of the poor to come to Him;
For He hears the cry of the afflicted.
When He gives quietness, who then can make trouble?
And when He hides His face, who then can see Him,
Whether it is against a nation or a man alone?—
That the hypocrite should not reign,
Lest the people be ensnared. 
Job 34:21-30 NKJV

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  1. I've read those verses a number of times over the years but they have NEVER impacted me as much as they have considering the events of the past year and a half. This is also true of numerous other verses, previously glossed over in my reading, whose relevence to current events has become stunning.

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