Jesus Smart Godspeed Episodes!

Your Mountain Move (10:34)

Freedom: Illusions Busted By the Truth (10:24)

Chaos Theory, God, and You — Insert These 5 Dynamic Variables (15:36)

It’s Time to Talk About Your Secret Advantage in Christ — Supernatural Sound (11:46)

We Live By Perfect Pitch (Sound) and Not By Sight (12:26)

Quick Thoughts for New Year’s 2020! (6:40)

Alignment and Consecration for Your Next Level (11:55)

Advance with Shocking, Monstrous Faith Initiatives (12:12)

The Devil Is Not at Your Level (11:30)

You Can Optimize Your Legal Standing Before the Ultimate Judge (12:18)

Pure Genius for Your Life … the Breakthrough Jericho Strategy (9:02)

How to Align Your Life with the Real Future (7:38)

Overcome Via the Power of Reckoning. Period. (6:59)

Winning Thoughts (5:41)

Understanding Pneumagraphics, Psychographics, and Demographics (5:16)

Creating God Spots 2 — Two or Three Gathered in My Name (5:02)

Creating God Spots (5:32)