Abraham is a touchstone for us. He’s an archetype — an original pattern of faith. We look to Abraham to see what it means to be a friend of God, to journey, and to partner with Him in His Grand Story. The faith precedent of Abraham totally fulfilled and elevates to a superior level in Christ!

Pursue Adventure — Be Like Abraham (#1 in the Questing Series) Are we ever more happy and energized than when an adventure begins? Clearly, we’re created for something new and significant. See the show notes.

Be a World-Changer by Faith (#2 in the Questing Series) If you have “Jesus DNA” on the inside, you’re called to change your interior world, your personal world, and your sphere of influence. See the show notes.

Only the Best! Benefit from the Power of Faith (#3 in the Questing Series) We live our best lives by authentic faith! And there’s an unlimited supply … sourced in the Living Voice of the Creator to us. Why not benefit from the power of faith? See the show notes.

Like Abraham, Believe for the Higher Reality in Your Life (#4 in the Questing Series) There’s a severe battle over defining what is real in our lives. But there is “real” and there is “really real.” Jesus says, “I have a HIGHER REALITY which supersedes LOWER REALITY. See the show notes.