Take the Red Pill — Wake Up to the Narrative Wars with Joshua C. Faltot! (Podcast #34)

It’s like being in the Matrix and taking the red pill. You begin to realize what’s going on: the narrative wars. And now you want the brutal truth about reality—and the freedom it unleashes. You’re ready to unleash your Life Voice …

Joshua Faltot and I found ourselves relaxing on adirondack chairs on a late summer evening. The only thing lacking were pipes. You know, we fancy ourselves after the order of C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and some friends, in a corner of an English pub with pipes in hand, discussing ideas that matter. Something like that.

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Listen to the second half of this conversation: War of the Worldviews with Joshua C. Faltot (Podcast #39)

Our Dialogue Edges on the Narrative Wars

  • We underscore the need to cultivate a strong inner narrative … greater than the false narratives surrounding us.
  • The human quest for a greater storyline, a grand arc over our lives.
  • How our life as a micro narrative can be woven into a macro narrative — we can be co-creators with the Ultimate Creative.
  • From the place of a strong life narrative, we are positioned to engage the narrative wars.
  • Do we have a passion to find our voice and create content instead of merely consuming it?

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to shut up” … indeed, that’s a paraphrase of Edmund Burke’s famous statement.

Take the red pill with us — we go further. This is part one of our conversation about narrative wars. Be sure to listen to next week’s episode for more of our dialogue.

Joshua C. Faltot is a science fiction author in the post-apocalyptic genre. He’s a creative. Entrepreneurial. He carries a strong interest in thought, worldview issues, culture, and society. He hosts a solid podcast, The Writer’s Lens, which focuses on writing and publishing, storytelling, entrepreneurial questing, and society and culture. You can find it on Apple Podcasts and other major podcast apps.

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Resources to Go Deeper

The Road to Mars (The Mars Trilogy) by J.C.L. Faltot

narrative wars, take the red pill

This is the Joshua’s first book in his Mars Triology. His second book in the series is set to be released soon. Stay connected at JCLFaltot.com.

(via Amazon) Mars is colonized. Yet its inhabitants are cut off from Earth. An event known as the “Pulse” is eating the light on Earth. And Mars has been blamed for it. In the years after, Darion Wallace and his 10-year old daughter wander the darkened planet. Desperate for safe haven, Darion searches for a means to get to Mars. A legend few believe, a being thought to be myth. A road leading him from Earth. And his humanity. The road is open. Mars awaits.

Get the paperback version from Amazon (affiliate)

Get the eBook version from Amazon (affiliate)

Called to Create: A Biblical Invitation to Create, Innovate, and Risk by Jordan Raynor

narrative wars, take the red pill

We referenced this book by Jordan Raynor on the episode.

(via Amazon) We were created by an infinitely creative God to reflect his love and character to the world. One way we do that is by continuing his creative work. In this energizing book, serial entrepreneur and bestselling author Jordan Raynor helps artists, entrepreneurs, writers, and other creatives reimagine our work as service to God and others.

Get the paperback version from Amazon (affiliate)

Get the eBook version from Amazon (affiliate)


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We’re resolved that Jesus Christ is the most brilliant person to walk the planet! He knows how life works best. The future not only belongs to him, it’s showing up in the present.

Stellar guests are on the docket. And we’ll be questing after Kingdom themes … what Jesus taught and modeled.

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