Every Vision Will Be Challenged — Here’s What to Do

Every vision will be challenged. In those times, we have to be proactive with our vision. Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, New York Times Bestselling author inspires us. After hearing this presentation online, I knew I wanted to listen again and take notes. Here they are. I think you’ll be encouraged by this.

Know that Every Vision Will Be Challenged

It could be related to the economy or it could be some other crisis. The corollary to this is that all visionaries have challenging times. They’re not unexpected. Anyone who has carried a vision for anything knows this.

How they come to us may be unexpected. But challenging times are not unexpected. We may even feel we have come to the edge.

Think about it this way. It’s an invitation to step up. Challenging times are …

  • An invitation to become someone we’ve yet to become.
  • To do something we’ve never done before.
  • To achieve something at a new, more expansive level.

Remember, that for those who persevere and are transformed through the process, challenging times are followed by a productive burst.

We should look at it as a gift. Our roots go down deep, leading to lots of fruit when the challenging season is over.

Here are 4 vital steps we can take when facing challenging times:

1. Recommit to Achieving Your Vision

Challenges test our commitment.

Sure we can float by when things are going well.  But challenges call something more from us than ever before. It does not matter how hard or complex the challenge is. We have to go down deep and find the bedrock.

The journey toward your big dream changes you. In fact, the journey itself is what prepares you to succeed at what you were born to do.

Bruce Wilkinson

It’s about renewing our resolution. You go through a barrier you’ve never gone through before. Put a lock on your mind and heart to keep out the abusive giant of doubt. Refuse to permit doubts to enter your mind again. Know that at the end, you will be successful no matter what.

Sure we can float by when things are going well.  But challenges call something more from us than ever before.

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2. Innovate New Powerful Strategies

When the environment and situation changes, we cannot continue doing the same things. It’s time for change. There is no personal, relational, or professional growth without change.

The challenge is a prod, stimulus, even a threat.

We must innovate. Re-imagine. Try new things. Re-envision. Add value, more than ever before. Re-prioritize time and energy. Stop certain things. Ruthlessly eliminate. Add what needs to be added. Protect your time, energy, and margin.

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3. Key–Give Thanks to the Creator

Every vision will be challenged. But faith overcomes. It’s a bedrock issue. A wrong perspective leads to failure. Think clearly. Think like heaven thinks.

Heaven calls a challenging time a trial ...

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.  James 1:2-4

The joy comes from knowing something.

  • If we understand the outcome of the challenging season, we’ll have joy.
  • We’re more mature, complete, lacking nothing.
  • Something is added to our person and our situation.

Whenever God wants to increase us, add to us ... he allows trials. It’s a secret “technology” of God. He increases our character, core motivation, conduct, competence, and capacity. We become more like Him.

We can be grateful because the process is for our good, it’s temporary, and it’s transformational.

4. Now Accelerate Success

Don’t just endure the challenging season. Engage it. Ride the wave. Become an overcomer in all ways.

And don’t walk alone. Band together with 3 others (the chemistry has to be right) who may be going through their own challenging seasons. Take responsibility for the success of others … their personal, spiritual, and professional development. Connect. Be a source of encouragement.

Don’t just endure the challenging season. Engage it. Ride the wave. Become an overcomer in all ways.

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