Do You Want a Miracle? Stretch for It (Ep 196)

It’s simple. There’s a way things work. It’s always true in the natural. And in the supernatural too.

As we diligently explore the Gospels in the New Testament with openness, we will realize there’s a way that things work when we want to experience something extraordinary. There is a simultaneous faith movement on our part with the corresponding activity of Jesus.

In this episode:

  • Often, when we want to experience something extraordinary, we are called to take an action step in faith.
  • We are asked to engage the restoration process with faith-generated action.
  • God is sovereign over all things. Yet man is designed to activate dominion under God’s sovereignty. In many instances, sovereignty flows through the dominion we activate.
  • It’s like a dance between the world of Jesus and our world of challenge and opportunity.
  • Our default approach should be to listen to what Jesus may say as we desire the extraordinary. Take that action step of obedience and move with him on the dance floor of the extraordinary.
  • Are you facing a big need? What opportunities are before you? The promise is that the world of Jesus can come into your world. Learn the modus operandi of Jesus: from the Garden of Eden … to Jesus’ time on earth … to our experience now!
do you want a miracle
“Ask (keep asking), and it will be given to you; seek (keep seeking), and you will find; knock (keep knocking), and it will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7 NASB).

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