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Friday, April 7, 2023

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Welcome to the Royal Brew Letter ... the only letter that knows that the Ultimate Lockdown Backfire is the empty tomb of Jesus Christ.

The Cross: God's Secret "Technology" in Your Life (Ep 274)

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Happy Good Friday and Resurrection Weekend!

If we want to live with the abundant life that Jesus promised -- a life that is above and beyond the natural, fallen plane -- we must learn the secret of taking up our cross as we follow Christ.

The world needs us to show up with the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.

“There is so much more that the Cross has accomplished than our forgiveness, but the constant barrage of the Enemy’s lies wears us down over time, and we forget what is true. By entering into the work of Christ daily, we appropriate in a fresh way all he has already done for us.” — John Eldredge, Waking the Dead

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The ground of the Cross, Resurrection, and Ascension

God deals primarily with us on the Ground of the Cross. There is no other basis for his involvement and craftsmanship in our lives.

Then he deals with us on Resurrection Ground and Ascension Ground.

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Appreciate you. Until next time.

Brian Del Turco

P.S.  The Father crushed the Ultimate Lockdown! This means everything to us!


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