Have Yourself a Very ‘Chaordic’ Christmas! — Terry Hoggard (Ep 211)

We’re coining a new Christmas greeting … “Have yourself a very Chaordic Christmas!” The incarnation means the King is back. And that’s the ultimate disruptive innovation for our lives and everything we influence.

Terry Hoggard is with us in this episode. He says it’s going to take a whole-hearted mindset and heartset (an all-in approach) to engage the dance between heaven and earth. Our “just enough” can become “more than enough” because of Christ in us, the hope of glory.

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Go Deeper — ‘Chaordic’ Christmas

Guest: Terry Hoggard

Terry is a veteran missionary who has led international churches in Rome and Brussels. He’s a leader of international leaders. He’s a life coach and executive leader in Convoy of Hope, a Christian international relief organization.

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‘Chaordic’ is a term that I learned in Leonard Sweet’s book, Soul Tsunami. He credits Dee Hock creator of the Visa credit card with coining the word. I love wordsmithing that opens up insight. When you take the word chaos and order and you merge the terms together you get ‘chaordic.’ This is the best of both worlds. Chaos can and should be creative. The concept of ‘chaordic’ rises to its ultimate level in Christ.

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